About The Citizens Foundation (UK)

The Citizens Foundation (UK) is a UK registered charity that supports the education of underprivileged children in Pakistan. It achieves this by raising funds and awareness to support the education programmes of The Citizens Foundation, Pakistan’s leading education charity. Since 1995, TCF has been providing life-changing education through purpose-built schools in the heart of Pakistan’s urban and rural slums. Today, TCF runs “perhaps the largest network of independently run schools in the world” (The Economist). With an all-female faculty, TCF is also the largest private employer of women in Pakistan. To date, UK donors have built over 46 schools, of which 15 run afternoon shifts.


Positive Change

To remove barriers of class and privilege to make the citizens of Pakistan agents of positive change.


Education / Future

To enable moral, spiritual and intellectual enlightenment through quality education.





Positive Conduct



School Units




Our Model

Catering to the most needy

Embedding schools in the heart of urban slums & rural communities

Purpose-built schools

All female faculty & a 50% female student gender ratio

Ensuring a high quality of education

Holistic student development & alumni support

Uplifting the entire community

Professional Management

TCF Schools

TCF embeds its purpose-built schools in the heart of
urban slums and rural communities

TCF Education Programmes

Our education programme is designed to deliver
superior learning outcomes

Customised textbooks

In-depth teacher training

Quality assurance

TCF Volunteer and Alumni Programmes

Our volunteer and alumni programmes aim for holistic
development of our students

Rahbar Programme is designed to mentor & empower TCF students

Alumni Development Programme prepares TCF alumni for admission in some of the finest universities

We conduct career counselling sessions with our graduating students to help them attain their academic & professional goals

Summer Camp engages and develops Primary school students through games & other drama-based activities

TCF Community Programmes

Our community programmes are focused on developing thriving communities around our schools

Our Aagahi Programme imparts functional literacy skills to women in school communities

We install water purification plants to provide clean water

We are providing vocational training to expand economic opportunities for women

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TCF News & Stories

Quality education begins with a competent teacher. A teacher’s excellence and her commitment to the service of educating is the compass steering the
What education makes possible is truly remarkable. The hope you give today holds the promise to grow into beautiful miracles tomorrow. For when childr
Renowned Pakistani Actor, Mahira Khan, urges you to support TCF this Ramadan and light up a child’s world with education.
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Chapter 1: Change Came Knocking Morning light filtered inside as Ayesha’s father pulled the door open to their visitor. A kind face beamed down at h
“I’m really impressed by the level of technology in the classrooms. TCF is fostering digital literacy skills from an early age.”&nbs