The Citizens Foundation (UK) is delighted to have been chosen for a BBC Radio 4 Appeal, presented by the wonderful journalist, Saima Mohsin.
Airing on Sunday 16th April, 2023 at 07:54, 21:25 and Thursday 20th April at 15:27.

Education Unlocks the Door to a Brighter Future

All children have talent and ambition, but the opportunity of education is what makes the difference. For the 22.8 million out-of-school children across Pakistan, going to school is what dreams are made of.

TCF is making these dreams a reality. Children who have never seen the inside of a classroom now study at Oxford University or work in the United States.

TCF is developing generations of educated, talented and ambitious citizens. For this reason, I am pleased to support TCF-UK in their BBC Radio 4 Appeal.

Saima on when to listen:

In Pakistan, almost 23 million children are out of school.

These children face a life of immense hardship. Girls are forced into early marriages. Boys have no choice but to take up low paid labour.

They remain trapped in life of extreme poverty, never experiencing the joys of childhood and learning that every child deserves.

But with your help, we can save their future. Your donation can empower a child and break the cycle of poverty through quality education.

One of 6 sisters, Muskan almost missed out on education. Money was very tight for her family, and the community believed a girl’s place was at home, as a wife, and not in school.

But Muskan’s parents were adamant their daughters would have a brighter future than they did.

Muskan and her sisters were able to enrol in a local TCF school. Today, Muskan works as a Business Analyst and is a source of inspiration for other young girls. She and her sisters’ achievements have transformed their community’s view on women’s education.

Your Donation will Help

Give a child a better future

Lift a family out of poverty

Transform an entire community

Make an Impact

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