TCF’s Zakat collection process is certified to be Shariah compliant. Our Zakat collection and disbursement procedures and structures have been reviewed thoroughly by our Shariah Advisor, who has issued a certificate confirming that we are Shariah Compliant. We aim to provide Muslims over the world a simple, transparent and ethical way to invest in educating the less privileged children of Pakistan.

TCF follows the ‘wakala’ model of Zakat. As per this model, Muslim parents of deserving students, upon their children’s admission in TCF Schools, nominate TCF as a ‘wakil’ (agent) and authorise the organisation to receive Zakat on their behalf. This Zakat money is then spent on providing education to children during the year. We ensure that any parents consenting for the utilisation of Zakat for their children fulfil Islamic requirements and qualify as recipients of Zakat.

How we spend your Zakat

TCF follows a comprehensive process to ensure that your Zakat is spent on the most deserving students. Ms. Shabtab Qadeer, a TCF principal briefly explains the Zakat eligibility mechanism.

You can use our Zakat calculator to determine your Zakat amount.