Empowering Teachers: The Driving Force Of Our Mission

  May 8, 2024   

Quality education begins with a competent teacher. A teacher’s excellence and her commitment to the service of educating is the compass steering the future of countless young minds.

We are proud to have a dedicated faculty of 14,000 women who turn our mission of quality education into reality. From the very moment our teachers step into a TCF school, they embark upon an extraordinary journey of continuous learning and development, both personally and academically. The profound impact of a teacher’s learning and development reverberates in the outcomes of their students – shaping their personal and academic success.

Recruitment & Selection of a TCF teacher

The journey begins with a rigorous selection and evaluation process based on merit. Prospective teachers are taken through an induction hiring test paper which delves deep into their subject knowledge.

Candidate interviews are infused with scenario-based questions, which shine a light on their teaching style and soft skills. This is followed by a class demonstration where the candidate’s teaching style is observed.

Pre-Service Training (PRESET)

Before they even set foot in a classroom, our teachers are equipped with the tools they need to excel. PRESET training is their compass, helping them navigate the educational landscape. Regardless of their academic background or prior teaching experience, all selected teachers undergo extensive training on lesson planning and the utilisation of teacher guides which introduces them to TCF’s mission and objectives. For these new teachers there are in-person options available. However, throughout the year, newly joining TCF teachers go through the provided digital pack or engage in self-study, with the support of their school principal.

In-Service Training (INSET)

INSET training ensures our teachers continue to evolve as professionals, delivering quality education year after year. It has two vital facets: pedagogy and content. Pedagogy training sharpens their understanding of evolving policies and programme interventions.
A Teacher Content Test is also carried out in order to determine a teacher’s grasp on subject knowledge. Content training is therefore solely need-based and focuses on identifying, and working on areas of improvement in the teacher’s individual subject grasp. TCF has also crafted a programme, Nardban, that provides video support for teacher’s learning and development. The Audio-Visual Room is utilised to display recorded videos focusing on developing their teaching skills.

Staff Development Day

Every month, teachers from across clusters gather for the Staff Development Day. It’s a day dedicated to pinpointing their specific needs and curating training programmes accordingly. School principals and Area Education Managers (AEMs) work together to ensure our teachers stay at the cutting edge of the educational landscape.

Quality education is not just a destination; it is a dynamic, transformative journey—one powered by the dedication and growth of our teachers. Their passion and commitment are the driving force behind our mission, and together, we continue to help countless children dream their big dreams.